Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stainless Steel Hoop Earrings

When you have pierced ears, then you must pay attention to the make-up of any item that you place in that tiny hole, the hole that you have in each of your ears. While gold and silver earrings look stunning, they lack the safety features that are associated with stainless steel hoop earrings.

Stainless Steel Hoop Earrings

Surgeons have long used stainless steel tools, because they appreciate the ability of stainless steel to hold up under repeated exposure to rubbing alcohol and boiling water. Those are the elements present during the procedures that allow for sterilization of the steel implements. Those are also to elements that you will need to have "at hand," if you want to make sure that your hoop earrings remain free of dangerous bacteria.

Of course, you should make every effort to limit the amount of bacteria to which your hoops might be exposed. Make sure that your earrings stay covered, by keeping them in a jewelry box. That way they are less apt to pick up any bacteria that might be floating in the air. Still, you must never forget about the need to clean your stainless steel hoops on a regular basis.

Be certain to have some rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs in the area where you store your shiny hoops. A coating of alcohol can remove any bacteria that might have settled on the hard steel surface. Yet you cannot count on alcohol to keep your steel earrings in at least a semi-sterile state. You will need to wash them with boiling water, if you want to be sure that you have killed all the dangerous microbes.

By taking the time to clean your steel earrings, you can free yourself from worries about a possible infection on your earlobe. Rather than checking on the condition of your earlobe, each time that you look in the mirror, you will be able to admire the shine coming from your dangling hoops. Of course, you will want to be sure that your dangling steel earrings remain securely attached to the proper implements in your ear.

Stainless Steel Oval Hoop Earrings

There are two basic ways by which stainless steel hoops can be fastened onto something in the hole of a pierced ear. One way calls for the use of fishhook backings. Semanitica hoops rely on that sort of backing. The hook fits through the piercing and then attaches to the steel hoop.

A second method uses a hinged element, one that closes at the back of the earpiece. That hinged piece then attaches to one of the available clasps. Hoops with a round tube design often have a saddle-back clasp.

The great thing about stainless steel hoop earrings is their ability to enhance any outfit. They look great with both elegant dinner dresses and also with everyday wear, such as jeans. Their polished finish provides them with a long lasting shine.

However, if you have extra sensitive skin, then you might want to wear bioplast or titanium jewelry. A medical grade plastic, bioplast can withstand the extreme conditions that are needed, in order to sterilize its smooth surface.