Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Save Money And Make Your Own Gift Basket

The notion of a personalized gift basket can get lost when someone else is doing the personalizing for you. There are some very basic steps you need to remember to create your own gift baskets and as long as you keep the basics in mind you should have no problem expressing yourself through your gift baskets. The difficult part in gift baskets is getting the ideas in your head to come out in your gift baskets but if you pay attention to the details of the basic set up of a gift basket then your ideas will come across crystal clear and everyone will understand exactly what your gift baskets are trying to say.

Creating gift baskets requires a bit of an artist's touch but anyone with the desire and the time can learn how to create some wonderful gift baskets with a personal touch. All you need is the five basic steps to creating a gift basket. Once you master the five basic steps you can then move on to your own adaptations of the basics to create your own truly unique creations.

The first step in creating a gift basket is to plan it out as completely as possible before you begin buying supplies. Even if you can't draw stick figured very well you should still grab a pen and paper and map out how you want the basket to look and also include a list of the kinds of things you want to see in the basket. Don't be too specific but you should create a list of the general kinds of things you would like to see as gifts in the basket. Becoming too specific would close the door too much on any inspiration you may see as you are out shopping for gifts. However a general list of what you expect to see in the basket can allow you to at least know what direction you are going in.
Spa Gift Basket

The importance of the theme of the basket shows up again in step two which is choosing the right basket. You can be as decorative as you want but be certain that you are buying a basket that can support the weight of the gifts you will be putting it. There is nothing more frustrating than planning out a gift basket, buying all of the gifts and packaging that goes into it, and then watching it crash to the floor because you bought the wrong kind of basket. The right basket is important so be sure you do not skimp on this step.

Step three goes back to your original drawing and plan for the basket and it involves the packaging material you will use. Some people like a solid gift basket and prefer packaging material like Styrofoam or cardboard. Others have different plans and prefer packaging materials such as cloth or even a cotton ball based packaging approach. Always refer to your drawing to decide the best kind of packaging to use and always be certain that the gifts you are packaging in the gift basket will look right in that packaging material.

Graduation Gift Basket

Step four is where the art of creating gift baskets comes into play. Arranging the packaging in the basket and then the gifts within the packaging can take quite a while but if you want the right effect then it is essential to get this step as close as possible to your original idea. Don't be afraid to experiment but always try and make the end product look as clean as possible. The main thing to remember in this step is to not count on the final wrapping to hold anything in place.

Step five is the final wrapping step. Of course your final wrapping should be clear so that the basket inside can be seen but there can be designs on the final wrap or anything else you see fit. You have spent all this time and energy to create this gift basket, the least you can do is finish it right.