Thursday, December 09, 2010

How To Make Personalized Gift Baskets

When you are trying to think of the perfect Christmas gift for someone you know you can always consider creating Christmas gift baskets. Over the years I have received many Christmas gift baskets and in many cases people will take a variety of small gifts that are represent something personal in one way or another and put them together in a nice Christmas gift baskets. I personally like Christmas gift baskets because it can seem like a never ending supply of Christmas presents and what better supply of Christmas presents is there than never ending? So this year consider making up your own Christmas gift baskets to give to your family and friends.

When people use the word personalized it can usually go one of two ways. You can either personalize something from your own tastes and give that as a gift to someone so that they will always know who the gift came from or you can personalize it to the receiver's tastes and make something that you feel is special to them based on what you know about their personal preferences. Either decision can be a good or bad one depending on how you go about executing it. If you personalize to your own tastes then you run the risk of the receiver not sharing in your tastes and then the gift could wind up being a dud. If you personalize to their tastes that can be even more risky because people are usually very attached to their personal tastes and if you get something wrong then you run the risk of yet another failing gift. But if we run under the notion that it is the thought that counts then we can probably get away with either idea and when it comes to Christmas gift baskets there are few things that offer more opportunity for personalization of a gift than Christmas gift baskets. Once again it can depend on which angle you are coming from as to how popular the gift is but it is always the thought that really counts.

When you are creating Christmas gifts for people based on your own tastes always try and create something that can be as universally enjoyed as possible. Many people appreciate a gift that is personalized from the point of view of the giver and if you keep your Christmas gift baskets a little universal then the appeal will be broader. For example, if everyone knows you are an avid movie fan then perhaps a Christmas gift basket that featured things like movie passes, microwave popcorn, and candy would be a wonderful gift. If you focus too much on the movies you like then you may alienate people that do not share your enthusiasm for the genre but if you include the more universal aspects of the experience then you are more apt to allow more people to enjoy the gift and make it a very successful Christmas gift basket.

If you are going to personalize a Christmas gift basket to the receiver's taste then you may want to try, once again, to deal in generalities rather than specifics because if you get the specifics wrong then the gift may not go over as well. For example, if you are giving a gift basket to a music fan then maybe some gift cards to a local music store and an inexpensive MP3 player may be better gifts than trying to give specific music and not really knowing what the receiver will like. It is all about creating something that has personality but also as universal of an appeal as possible. It is not easy to do but the results will be very appreciated.